The main rental terms and conditions are listed below, the detailed conditions can be found in the Rental Agreement.

We remind customers that rates may be subject to change at any time without notice. We specify, however, that these changes will in no way affect reservations made prior to the change itself.
Also, please note that the vehicle hire rates on this website are valid for reservations made in advance.

Conditions of hire

Conditions of hire
Rates - inclusive costs

All of the rates include: unlimited kilometres; R.C.A. Insurance (Third-Party Liability); Comprehensive insurance with excess; Fire and theft insurance with excess; 22% VAT.

Rates - exclusive costs

The rates do not include the cost of: petrol; child seats; GPS; second drivers; any fines and penalties for breaches of the highway code; other services on request.

Payment and security deposit

When collecting the vehicle you wish to rent, you are required to anticipate payment for the rental service and to leave a security deposit. Payments can be made with an ATM card, in cash, with a Visa, MasterCard, BankAmericard or American Express credit card or with a prepaid credit card.

The deposit can be made in cash or by BankAmericard, American Express, Visa or MasterCard credit card, all being traditional card types with the numbers in relief. However, prepaid cards and ATM cards are not eligible for the deposit payment. If you use a credit card, a guarantee equal to the amount of the deposit is required, securing the deposit amount until the end of the rental period.


The indicated prices are all inclusive of 22% VAT, except where otherwise specified.

Driving license and minimum age

Indispensable conditions for hire:
Car: no less than 21 years old, driving license issued at least one year prior.
Motorcycle: car/motorcycle driving license

Important (for both cars and motorcycles): holders of licenses issued by non-member states of the European Union require an International Driving License.

Refuelling service

Our hire vehicles are delivered with a full tank of petrol. If the vehicle is not returned with a full tank, the customer will be charged a fee of 15 Euro (VAT included) in addition to the cost of the missing petrol.

Second Driver

Per every additional driver there will be a charge of 5 euros (VAT included) per day.


Comprehensive and Fire and Theft insurance, which are always included in our rates, provides for an excess (or responsibility) in the event of damage to the vehicle caused by unknown persons or by the customer, in the case of even partial theft or fire, that will be specified in the rental agreement.

Non-insurable vehicle parts

Damage to the following vehicle parts is excluded from insurance cover: interior, roof, hood opening, wheels, tires, hubcaps, muffler, oil pan, petrol tank, windows and Honda Transalp saddlebags. All damage caused by vegetation is excluded for any vehicle.

Delivery / collection service

For delivery and collection in locations other than the Palarent agency offices the rate varies according to the distance to the nearest agency office and must be agreed upon at the time of reservation.

Vehicle returns

All vehicles must be returned by the pre-scheduled time (a delay of no longer than one hour is acceptable), at the risk of incurring a penalty equal to the payment of an additional rental day. An extension of the rental period must be requested at least 24 hours before the scheduled vehicle return time outlined in the agreement.

Damaged or lost keys

In the case of damaged or lost vehicle keys, the customer must repay an amount of 350 Euro (including VAT). If the vehicle’s documents (or the number plate) are lost, 300 Euro (including VAT) must be repaid.

Child seat

If you wish to rent a child seat, the cost for the entire rental period is 30 Euro (VAT included) per seat.

Honda Transalp Saddlebags

Saddlebags are available at 20 Euros (VAT included) per day.

Reservations - Anticipated payments

At certain times of the year an advance payment for the validation of the reservation may be required in order to reserve all vehicle types. During July and August reservations for rentals with a duration of over 30 days are always subject to reconfirmation.

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