1. How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle?
Persons aged 21 years and over may rent a car with us.

2. What license do I need?
A category B driving license, valid and issued at least one year prior is sufficient.

3. Is the holder of the rental agreement required to communicate the name of the driver?
Yes, at the time of collection the actual driver must be present their driving license.

4. Can the vehicle be driven by anyone other than the driver indicated?
Yes, at an additional cost of 5 Euros per day. In any case, the holder of the rental agreement is obliged to supply the agency with the names of any other people that may drive the vehicle.

5. How much does it cost to rent a car?
The cost varies depending on the type of vehicle chosen, the insurance coverage, the vehicle equipment and the length of the rental agreement.

6. Could the final price differ from the quote I received?
The initial cost includes services that by their nature could be changed; for example: refuelling the car, returning the vehicle to a different place, any fines etc.

7. Does the rate include insurance coverage?
The rental rates includes third party liability insurance required by law (RCA), covering theft and fire (with excess) and covering damage to the vehicle caused by the driver (with excess).

8. Are there any payable excesses?
Yes, there are excesses relating to damage and theft, the amounts of which may vary according to the rental vehicle. You can reduce these excesses by stipulating specific insurance formulas (Super Comprehensive, Super Theft).

9. When and how do I pay the rental rate?
The calculation and the payment of the amount due occurs at the beginning of the rental period and must be made by credit card. If paying by cash you will have to pay a security deposit of 500 Euros.

10. Where can I rent a vehicle?
At any of our agencies.For delivery at a hotel or at home, a vehicle delivery and collection service fee is applicable at a variable cost depending on the distance of the delivery point from our closest agency office.

11. When do I have to return the vehicle?
At the end of the period set at the time of hire.
A rental day is considered 24 hours (starting from the act of delivery) with a tolerance period of 1 hour. After this time an additional day of rental will be charged.

12. Can the rental period be extended?
Yes, Notice needs to be given to the agency, who will then extend the insurance coverage, no less than 24 hours before the expected return time agreed upon at the time of rental.

13. Does the vehicle need to be returned with a full tank of petrol?
Yes, otherwise you will be charged the amount of missing petrol in addition to a supplement of 13 Euro for the refuelling service.

14. What should I do in case of an accident?
The accident must be reported within 24 hours to our agency. The driver is required to fill in all parts of the C.I.D. module, in order to avoid paying the excess in the absence of proven responsibility.

15. Can I have a replacement vehicle?
Customers who need replacement vehicles may obtain one, subject to availability from the agency. However, the agency may decide not to grant a replacement vehicle at its discretion.

16. What should I do in the case of a fine?
A fine resulting from a driver’s behaviour is the responsibility of the driver himself. He is required to immediately pay it, or if unable to do so he must inform the agency straight away in order to avoid the application of surcharges provided for in the case of a late payment.
In the event of a specific request from the police, the company is obliged to provide the name of the driver who will receive notification of the fine for the processing of the payment.

17. What should I do if I lose the keys?
The custody of the keys is the responsibility of the customer. If the keys are lost, a fee of 150 Euros (including VAT) is applicable.

18. What should I do in the case of lost documents?
The custody of the documents is the responsibility of the customer. If documents are lost, a fee of 300 Euros (including VAT) is applicable.

19. Can I use the vehicle outside of Sardinia?
Yes, given that a prior authorisation request is granted by the Directorate of Olbia.
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